Best Paper Winners


The winners of the Best Paper/Poster Awards at NANO 2020 are:

Best paper

“A 3D UV Photodetector Based on TiO2 Nanoparticles Decorated Microtubular Graphene FET” by Yuning Li, Shasha Li, Yang Zhang, Weijie Yin, Ke Li, Qing You, Tao Deng, Beijing Jiaotong University

Best student paper

“First Principle Analysis of Os-Passivated Armchair Graphene” by Vipul Kumar Nishad(1), Atul Kumar Nishad(2), Sourajeet Roy(3), Brajesh Kumar Kaushik(3), and Rohit Sharma(1)
(1) Indian Institute of Technology Ropar,  (2) National Institute of Technology Warangal, (3) Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Best poster

“Optoelectronic Thinning of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Device Fabrication” by Suichu Huang(1), Xuezeng Zhao(1), Yuebing Zheng(2)
(1) Harbin Institute of Technology, (2) The Univerisity of Texas at Austin