Late Breaking Papers


Click here for a list of important dates and deadlines.


The IEEE-NANO 2020 is now calling for “Late Breaking News” papers.  Please access the submission system by this link:

The deadline for Late Breaking News extended abstract (min 2 pages) submissions is June 21st, 2020. If you wish to participate in the best paper contest, you must submit a full paper (4 to 6 pages) in your initial submission for review. Results for accepted Late Breaking News submission will be communicated by June 30th. After this date, authors of accepted submission will have the option of submitting the 2-page abstract or a full paper (4 to 6 pages) for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings available on the IEEE Xplore system. (Note: 2-page properly formatted Abstracts included in IEEE Xplore are open access but NOT indexed, whereas full papers are fully archival.)  The final paper submission deadline is July 7th 2020. 

Authors of full papers (Regular or Late Breaking) will also have the opportunity to extend their papers after the conference into a full-length journal paper (significantly extended) to be submitted to a special NANO 2020 section in the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (TNANO) and IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology (OJ-NANO) (or the IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine (INM) for invited review articles.)

TECHNICAL NOTE: If your paper has multiple authors, please follow PIN link from page to locate your co-authors’ PINs. If you do not find a PIN for them, then from the same link you can create a new PIN by providing the following information: First name, Last name, Email address, Affiliation and Country. If you are rushed for time and do not want to locate co-authors PINs, then at the time of submission, specify number of authors as 1 and then you can use only your own PIN to submit the paper. This can be updated until the initial submission deadline. Additionally, if your submission is accepted, you will also have the opportunity to add your co-authors PINs during the final submission cycle. It is important that you complete the author list before you transfer copyrights during the final submission, otherwise the copyright form will have incomplete co-author information.

You may follow the instructions to find IEEE conference templates for the abstract (2 pages) with a PDF file using A4 papers. The templates and instructions for MS Word and LaTex can be found on the IEEE – Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings page

The templates provide detailed instructions. Authors are advised to insert their material into existing template fonts and cut’n’paste. The use of these templates is mandatory. Strict adherence to the template format will ensure compliance with all IEEE Xplore requirements. On the compressed Late Breaking News time scale, there will be no time for manual correction of deviations. If your original abstracts were formatted by the templates, it can be readily expanded into the full paper.

Margin requirements: 

Paper size A4
Top margin 1.44″(36.7mm)
Bottom margin 0.75″(19.1mm)
Side margins 0.75″(19.1mm)


  • You may bypass the abstract step and go directly to full paper submission by June 30th (no extensions) but the abstract submission is highly recommended for the early identification of any problems.
  • Manuscripts should NOT contain any 1) Page numbers; 2) Headers; 3) Footers.
  • Author List: The author names should be listed in the order of First Name, Middle Name or Initial (if any), and then Last (Sir) Name. DO NOT indicate any membership UNLESS the author is a member of the IEEE.
  • Figures: Ensure every figure in your paper is clear enough, with a standard of 300 dots per inch (dpi).
  • References: Use the template file for the IEEE style of reference citations. Please do NOT use reference styles from publications of other societies or organizations.
  • Language: Submission must be submitted and presented in English.