Nadine Collaert


Compound semiconductors and their role in future 6G applications

Dr. Nadine Collaert
Program Director, imec


With 5G in full deployment, first white papers and articles on 6G are already appearing, showing how the industry needs are driving fast towards more, faster, and more intelligent connectivity. Ten times higher data rates than 5G (>100Gbps), extreme low power and low latency, instantaneous transfer of large amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowered networks, massive coverage and new ideas on how to connect with devices and even our brain are only a few of the concepts that are being considered for 6G. But are we ready to take the next leap? And what innovations at the technology side would be needed to realize this exciting vision of an intelligently connected world?

In this talk, we will focus on the technology challenges to enable next generations of wireless communication, 5G and 6G, and how compound semiconductor devices could play a key role in enabling ultra-fast, reliable and power-efficient connectivity.



Dr. Nadine Collaert is program director at imec. She is currently responsible for the analog/RF program looking at heterogeneous integration of III-V/III-N devices with advanced CMOS to tackle the challenges of next generation mobile communication. Before that she was program director of the LOGIC Beyond Si program focused on the research on novel CMOS devices and new material-enabled device and system approaches to increase functionality.  She has been involved in the theory, design, and technology of FinFET devices, emerging memories, transducers for biomedical applications and the integration and characterization of biocompatible materials. She has a PhD in electrical engineering from the KU Leuven and she holds more than 400 publications and more than 10 patents in the field of device design and process technology.