Plenary and Keynote Speakers Announced


IEEE-NANO 2020 Virtual is pleased to announce the line up of Plenary and Keynote speakers.

For details view the Speakers page or the individual postings.

Toshio Fukuda (2020 IEEE President)Micro-Nano Robotics History in IEEE
Supriyo Bandyopadhyay (NTC 2020 Pioneer Award)Straintronics: Strain-switched Nanomagnets for Digital and Analog Applications
Osamu Tabata (NTC Fellow)Top-down meets bottom-up: Way to explore the plentiful room at the bottom
Tza-Huei Jeff Wang (NTC Fellow)Droplet Microfluidics Technologies for Rapid Pathogen Identification and Susceptibility Testing
Juliana Jaramillo FernandezPhonons and photons in thermo-functional materials for passive cooling
Nadine CollaertCompound semiconductors and their role in future 6G applications
Mikhail Kats (NTC Early Career Award)Infrared limiters, diodes, and tunable filters based on phase-transition materials
Oluwaseyi BalogunThermal Conduction Measurements in Low Dimensional Materials and Heterostructures
Reuven GordonQuantum Plasmonics: Trapping Single Erbium Emitters, Bright Upconversion by Light Induced Tunneling and Below Bandgap THz Generation
Bonnie GrayFlexible polymer nanocomposites for microfluidics and wearable biosensors
Vincent LeeSelf-sustained IoT Sensor Technology
Markondeyaraj PulugurthaHeterogeneous System Component Integration with Nanopackaging
Seiji SamukawaAtomic Layer Defect-free Top-down Process for Future Nano-devices
VR SinghAdvanced Nano-Biomedical Sensors and Nano-Electronic Devices for Health Care Applications
Li ZhangReconfigurable Magnetic Nanoparticle-Swarm for Targeted Delivery